Uh Oh! That Wasn’t A Marlboro…

I’ve been somewhat out of commission for the past year and a half, well since the Great Nap of 2012 anyways. I haven’t written much since then. I’m rehabbed as good as I’m going to get. It’s time to get back in the saddle.

Unfortunately while I was away, technology got away from me. The site was barely running, so I started in upgrading. I hope it’s worth it when I’m done. I sure did throw a clod in the churn, trying to fix it.

Over the next few days I’ll be tweaking things, as I just upgraded the site framework.  The site is still working a little slow, and that’s first on the list to fix. I thought I might as well change the look of it too, while I was in there anyway. That might have been a poor choice. I have things in an uproar right now.

I’m getting ready to put up a few articles, not sure what about, but probably my first one will be about Johhny Football, or Michael Sam, or oh well, I’ll find something equally as provocative.

I want to thank everyone who visits my site. Also a special thanks to those loyal readers who built it into the success it had become.

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